The Kennedy Company provides research, advisory and consulting services that are both rigorous and edgy, far-sighted and practical for businesses, public policy makers and the not for profit sector.

You can call on The Kennedy Company when an additional, deeper or more imaginative source of intelligence and advice is needed, especially at pivotal decision-making points in the lifecycle of projects,organisations and enterprises.

The Kennedy Company, primarily through the widely-recognised knowledge, experience and skills of its owner and principal Narelle Kennedy, provides a timely short cut to the latest intelligence, research and best practice needed to compete and prosper in fast-moving, volatile global business environments.


The Kennedy Company is noted for the fresh insights it brings to turn this latest thinking and analysis into practical action tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities facing individual organisations and enterprises.

The Kennedy Company has proven expertise particularly on:

  • the realities of business innovation, especially by enterprises and workplaces;
  • high-performance manufacturing industry;
  • ‘place-based’ policies;
  • industry clusters;
  • knowledge hubs and precincts;
  • regional development;
  • smart cities;
  • small business policy;
  • strategies for enhanced competitiveness and productivity;
  • engagement between universities and business;
  • trade practices, consumer affairs and business regulation.

The Kennedy Company makes connections that others don’t and uncovers new angles on economic and social issues. The Kennedy Company prides itself on its superior writing skills and its ability to communicate complex arguments in straightforward ways to diverse audiences.

The Kennedy Company can call on a network of like-minded partners who bring additional and complementary capabilities, extending its expertise and reach as required.